Support People living with Diabetes

Diabetes & emotional baggage – by CDE Jaleesa Whitford

As we come off the back of Queensland’s Mental Health Awareness week, I thought it best to continue on this stream of emotional wellbeing and give you a brief introduction into the understanding of the world of Diabetes, and just how much this condition can effect one’s psychological health. Yes, Diabetes is very much a…

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It’s Christmas time!!

Merry Christmas to Everyone! Only 3 more weeks to go and Christmas is here. I love Christmas because it is just a wonderful and joyous time. Food and drinks are definitely a big part of the Christmas. However, it could be quite stressful for people who live with diabetes……. Would my blood glucose levels be…

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Diabetes awareness month written by CDE Kate Mundy

November is diabetes awareness month. My Facebook feed is full of helpful informative facts and personal journeys designed to raise awareness on the detection and management of Diabetes. So, I thought it would only be appropriate that I commented. This November, I would like to raise awareness for tolerance and empathy amongst our own community.…

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